About Us

"We love Mexican Food – not only because you can share moments with friends and family but also because you can adjust the spice level as you like. Mexican food is great for sharing and we’ve been sharing our Mexican inspired food with the world since 1938.

The name Old El Paso is inspired by the city El Paso situated in Texas close to the Mexican border. El Paso is a very important entry from Mexico to the US for clothing and food and is often referred to as the “Mexican food capital of the world”. The earliest known culture in the region were the maize farmer which have come to form the Mexican food culture a lot as well. Nowadays, Old El Paso™ is one of the world market leader for Mexican food among the US, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and France. We are also represented in Germany and Switzerland and we are part of General Mills.

Our range has grown over the years and now features everything from dinner kits, tasty cooking sauces, salsas, dips, seasoning mixes, tortillas and chips. Old El Paso™ brings not only the taste, but the fun of getting together and sharing Mexican inspired food. You can adjust the spice level from “mild” to “hot” and reduce it with Crème fraiche or Yoghurt even more. Additionally, the products are diverse, simple and easy to cook. You can find many recipes or share them with friends. You’ll find our products in shops and supermarkets all over the world. We hope you enjoy them!

Our products are made in Spain, unless otherwise indicated on pack.