Make Some Noise

make some noise


At OLD EL PASO™, we believe that happiness is sharing food with the people we love. Our fajitas, enchiladas and tacos gather everyone around the table to share delicious Mexican food and create memories. We inspire the good kind of noise that happens when people truly connect.

But in today’s hectic life it can sometimes be challenging. So Old El Paso™ is on a mission to bring families together again.

Through our new campaign, we would like to invite as many families as possible to eat together, have a real connection over delicious Mexican food, and make some of the good noise that bring happiness in the household: chopping, sizzling, laughing, sharing. And Old El Paso™ is just perfect for that!

Pass the guacamole around the table, fold your fajita, build your taco, dip some tortilla chips, and share a fun and nice moment with your loved ones!

Turn up the volume of your family dinners and Make Some Noise!